[BONUS] The Trial of Scott Enyart

On the night of Robert Kennedy’s murder, a young photographer named Scott Enyart had his film confiscated by the LAPD. More than twenty years later, Enyart sues the city, claiming his missing photographs could have been the only known pictures of the assassination.
Episode Extras

Benson’s perspective

A photo taken by Harry Benson in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel after Kennedy is shot. Bill Eppridge can be seen in the back left corner, taking the shot shown at trial. (Express Newspapers via AP Images)

Standing on the steam table

The photo presented at trial that Enyart claimed showed him standing on the steam table of the pantry at the Ambassador.

Letter from the archives

The letter Scott Enyart received from the California State Archives stating that his photographs were among the evidence destroyed by the LAPD.

“I feel like some are missing.”

Ted Charach interviews Scott Enyart outside of the Ambassador Hotel for The Second Gun.

LAPD Prints

Ted Charach shows the prints Enyart received from the LAPD in his documentary, The Second Gun.

Unsolved Mysteries

Scott Enyart appears on an episode of Spike TV's "Unsolved Mysteries."

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