[BONUS] That’s Not the Girl You Described

On the night of Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination, waiter Vincent DiPierro told police that he saw a girl in a polka dot dress standing with Sirhan in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel. Bill and Zac pay him a visit and hear an unbelievable story.
Episode Extras


Vincent DiPierro appears on Hardball with Chris Matthews in November of 2017.

Summary report

A page of the Los Angeles Police Department's summary report regarding Sandra Serrano's "fictional" account of the girl.

Sessions with Hernandez

A page of the transcript from one of DiPierro's meetings with Sgt. Hank Hernandez.

Valerie Schulte

The girl who Vincent DiPierro identifies at the trial, Valerie Schulte, poses in the dress she was wearing the night of the assassination.

On the wire

Vincent DiPierro's testimony at Sirhan Sirhan's trial makes headline news.

The tray stacker

An LAPD photograph from the crime scene. The "tray stacker" mentioned in the episode is pictured at left.

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Archival footage courtesy of the California State Archives.
Archival research by Brennan Rees.

Voiceover casting for the trial reeneactments by Shelly Shenoy.
Vincent DiPierro was played by Andy Chemlko.
The lawyers were played Jim Mullins.
Valerie Schulte was played by Shelly Shenoy.

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