[BONUS] Live in Brooklyn

Last week, Zac and Bill sat down in front of a live audience at The Bell House in Brooklyn. The show featured a heated debate between Bill and special guest Dan Moldea, plus musical performances by Rosaleen Eastman.
Episode Extras

“Put on your best”

Rosaleen Eastman performs original music from the RFK Tapes soundtrack. (Photo by Alessandro Santoro)

Bullet holes?

Circles marked with 723, Walter Tew's badge number the night of Robert Kennedy's assassination.

Wright and Rozzi

The photo Bill references of two police officers examining the door frames at the Ambassador Hotel. (AP Photo)

“I think you’re a decent guy.”

Bill and Dan debate their conclusions about Sirhan Sirhan. (Photo by Alessandro Santoro)

“I didn’t like it.”

Zac asks what Bill thought of the show's finale. (Photo by Alessandro Santoro)

Pre-show pow wow

Bill, Zac, Dan, and senior producer Austin talk through the plan for the show. (Photo by Alessandro Santoro)

Episode Credits

Crimetown is me, Zac Stuart-Pontier and Marc Smerling.
The RFK Tapes is made in partnership with Cadence 13.
The show is produced by Jesse Rudoy, Max Miller, Ula Kulpa, and Kevin Shepherd.
Austin Mitchell is our senior producer.
Editing by Marc Smerling.

This episode was mixed by Sam Bair.
Recording help by Jeff O'Neill.
Our title track is Maria Tambien by Khruangbin.  
Music supervision by Josh Kessler and Dylan Bostick at Heavy Duty Projects.

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Archival research by Brennan Rees.

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