[BONUS] He Was Irreplaceable

A collection of the best Robert F. Kennedy stories and speeches that didn't make it into the show, featuring speechwriter Adam Walinsky, special assistant William vanden Heuvel and campaign coordinator Steve Isenberg.
Episode Extras

Taking time off

Senator Kennedy takes a break from the campaign on an Oregon beach with his son and his famous dog, Freckles. (AP)

“Do they know?”

Robert Kennedy speaks in Indianapolis the night Martin Luther King, Jr., is assassinated. (Indianapolis Star)

The Great State of Kansas

Robert F. Kennedy delivers the first major speech of his campaign at Kansas State University on March 18, 1968. (Kansas Historical Society)

“My thanks.”

Robert F. Kennedy holds back tears as he is greeted with a 22 minute standing ovation at the 1964 Democratic National Convention. (AP)

In the Oval Office

Attorney General Kennedy meets with President Kennedy and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. (White House)


President John F. Kennedy walks with Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy outside the White House. (National Archives)

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