[BONUS] Follow the Lies

Bill takes the reins as he goes through some of the additional evidence that convinced him a second gun was firing the night Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated.
Episode Extras

A polka dot dress

An LAPD officer poses with one of the many polka dot dresses the police used as examples of what the mysterious girl might have worn.

Phil Van Praag

Bil Klaber visits Phil Van Praag's workstation and audio museum to hear about how he analyzed the Pruszynski tape.

Harper’s report

"The arithmetic involved here is not complex. It is: 9 Bullets = 2 Guns = 1 Possible Conspiracy."

LAPD trajectory

The police department's analysis of bullet pathways in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel.

Rozzi & Wright

Sgts. Robert Rozzi and Charles Wright inspect the door frames at the Ambassador Hotel. (AP)

Live in Brooklyn

Bill Klaber onstage at the Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn on August 29, 2018.

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