[9] Here’s Where You and I Part Ways

Investigative journalist Dan Moldea finds the man he believes assassinated Robert F. Kennedy.  
Episode Extras

A glowing review

Dan Moldea's book, The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy, is reviewed in the New York Times in 1995.

Corcoran State Prison

The maximum security facility where Dan Moldea and Bill Klaber met Sirhan Sirhan.

Troubling evidence

The letter Sirhan Sirhan wrote to his former lawyer, in which he threatens Robert Blair Kaiser.

Making his case

Sirhan Sirhan at a parole board hearing at Corcoran State Prison on June 18, 1997. (AP)

Witness statement

The FBI's witness statement, taken after interviewing Cesar in the week after Robert Kennedy's assassination.

Thane Eugene Cesar

One of few available photographs of Thane Eugene Cesar, likely taken the night of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination.

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For more information on the Robert Kennedy murder, pick up a copy of Bill’s book, Shadow Play or Dan’s book, The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy.

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