[5] The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress

Just after Robert F. Kennedy was shot, a young campaign worker named Sandra Serrano went on live TV at the Ambassador Hotel and told the world that she had seen a suspicious woman in a polka dot dress. What happens when the police are confronted with something that doesn’t fit in an open-and-shut case?
Episode Extras

Progress Report

Sergeant Hank Hernandez's summary of his polygraph session with Sandra Serrano.


The front page of the Los Angeles Times after Sandra Serrano's polygraph session with Hank Hernandez.

A polka dot dress

One of the many polka dot dresses the LAPD showed Sandra Serrano during their hunt for the mystery girl.

Back at the Ambassador

Sandra Serrano recreates her position on the fire escape for the LAPD.

“Then, I was with Sander Vanocur”

Sandra Serrano describes the woman in the polka dot dress to NBC's Sander Vanocur at the Ambassador Hotel.

RFK & Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez breaks a 21 day fast by accepting bread from Robert F. Kennedy. (Wayne State University, Walter P. Reuther Library)

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