[4] Reach for Your Gun, Sirhan

As Sirhan Sirhan’s trial approaches, a prosecution psychiatrist named Dr. Seymour Pollack tries to get answers to the question at the heart of the Robert F. Kennedy case: was Sirhan a calculating political assassin? Or does he really not remember committing the crime?
Episode Extras

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

A scan of Sirhan's notebook from his session with Drs. Pollack and Diamond. The red writing is a description from Lynn Mangan.

R.F.K. must die

One of the incriminating pages from Sirhan Sirhan's notebook, photostated by the FBI.

The Mastery of Life

A mailer from the Rosicrucians. Sirhan Sirhan applied for membership after reading the book advertised here, "The Mastery of Life."

The Sirhan trial

Munir Sirhan leads his brother Adel and mother Mary into court during Sirhan Sirhan's trial in January, 1969. (AP, David F. Smith)

Behind bars

Sirhan Sirhan reads a newspaper in his jail cell, photo undated. (Courtesy of the California State Archives)

The Sirhan Family

The Sirhan family in former Palestine, long before their emigration to the United States. Sirhan Sirhan is the baby at bottom left. (Courtesy of Lynn Mangan)

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