[3] You Do Not Destroy Evidence!

As Allard K. Lowenstein continues his investigation into Senator Robert F. Kennedy's murder, he enlists the help of Paul Schrade, one of the surviving shooting victims in the case. Together, they force a reexamination of the evidence collected by the LAPD in an effort to determine, once and for all, if more than one gun was firing in the kitchen pantry.
Episode Extras

Allard Lowenstein’s gravesite

Lowenstein's gravestone at Arlington National Cemetery. His epitaph reads: "If a single man plant himself on his convictions and there abide, the huge world will come round to him." It's the same Ralph Waldo Emerson quote Bobby Kennedy

Confidential Addenda

This brief memo was found in the LAPD's files on the Robert Kennedy assassination after their release in 1988. The highlighted section reads, "The information has not been revealed prior to this report and may conflict with previous

Vincent Bugliosi

Attorney Vincent Bugliosi, pictured here during the trial of Charles Manson, became an outspoken advocate of the effort to reexamine evidence in the Robert Kennedy assassination. (AP File)

On the offensive

Paul Schrade and Allard Lowenstein hold one of many press conferences in their effort to get answers from the Los Angeles Police Department.

The center divider

The photograph that Allard Lowenstein showed Paul Schrade, depicting two potential bullet holes circled by the LAPD.

Paul Schrade and the press

Paul Schrade fields questions from the press in his room at Kaiser Hospital in Los Angeles June 10, 1968, where he's recovering from a gunshot wound to the head. (AP)

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